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Australian Association of Live Steamers

www.aals.asn.au this will take you to the Australian association of live steamers, our governing body, what you want to know about the live steam hobby...is here

Sydney Live Steam Locomotive Society

http://www.pnc.com.au/~wallison/slsls.htm this will take you to the Sydney live steam locomotive society site, many of the standards they introduced were adopted by the A.A.L.S.


http://www.2bs.com.au here you will find the 2BS web site they will keep you updated with the latest news in Bathurst and info on our club

Bathurst Regional Council

http://www.bathurst.nsw.gov.au/ Bathurst Regional Council website

The Bathurst Town and Around Website

http://www.bathurst-nsw.com everything of interest for your visit to Bathurst is right here